The best meeting hotel in 2021

For the past few years, Sokos Hotels' mission has been creating happiness, with the goal of making people fall in love with the hotels and leave the hotel happier and in a better mood than they were when arriving.
We have been making investments in creating happiness for a long time now at Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Kouvola as well. We can proudly say that we have also been successful in this, and as an indication, Vaakuna was chosen the best meeting hotel in 2021 at Sokos Hotels' awards ceremony. We are grateful for the honour and will continue serving with smart consideration for customers and a smile.
Every meeting room has its own theme. The Puu ("Wood") meeting room honours the strong forest and paper industry in the northern Kymenlaakso region, and the Laku ("Liquorice") room offers you a sweet meeting time surrounded by charming liquorice-themed wallpaper. Surely you have already tasted the Kouvola liquorice, the best in Finland?
The wallpaper with a concrete pattern in the Betoni ("Concrete") meeting room refers to the city's architecture and its supposedly heavy use of concrete, which has also become a source of humour. The Voitto ("Victory") meeting room brings relaxation to your meeting, for example, in the form of playing ping-pong. The sports theme continues on the walls, highlighting great local athletes. The influence of Anu Pentik, a designer from Kuusankoski, can be seen in the decoration of the Pentik meeting room. The Puisto ("Park") meeting room showcases the greener side of Kouvola.
The Vaakuna Sali hall offers a great setting for larger meetings, conferences and festivities. The award-winning Frans & Rose bistro also includes the intimate Takkakabinetti room that can accommodate a variety of events from meetings to christening parties.
An efficient and effective meeting also requires some refreshing pause workout. The iWall game located in the meeting lobby gets your blood flowing and provides additional energy for a meeting day. Our customers have free use of iWall throughout a meeting day.
A relaxed meeting can also be arranged at our renovated sauna facilities, equipped with a comfortable hot tub. The sauna facilities have also been named according to a local theme, as Kouvola is a major hub of rail traffic: Raide 1 and Raide 2 ("Track 1" and "Track 2") together with Sivuraide ("Side Track"), which also offers a separate room with meeting equipment for a small meeting. 
Come and have your meeting here, we are already waiting for you!