Viru Kirja

Tallinn through the eyes of a Finn

What are the favourite places of President Tarja Halonen in Tallinn? Where would writer Sofi Oksanen go for a walk? What does Ambassador Kirsti Narinen recommend to see or why does singer Ilkka Alanko love shopping in Kalamaja? Viru Hotel's new book "Polkuja ja mansikkapaikkoja. Tallinna suomalaisten suosittelemama" introduces the favourite places of 45 well-known Finnish people in Tallinn.

The recommendations include places everyone knows, such as the Seaplane Harbour or KUMU, but also exciting finds from Nõmme, Kalamaja, Pelguranna and Pirita.

The Soviet era also speaks to many Finns. They praise Estonian rock and classical music, numerous concert venues and walking spots, eateries and museums.

There are different routes for families for children and people who love architecture, and much more that the Finns who know Tallinn love and want others to experience as well. The legendary hotel celebrates the 45th anniversary of Viru Hotel and the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Finland with this book.

The book is only available in Finnish and it is sold at the reception in Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Rahva Raamat and Apollo -bookstores.