Taking part – Sokos Hotels lower temperatures

Finland is preparing for nationwide energy savings and winter consumption peaks in order to maintain sufficient energy for everyone. Sokos Hotels are taking part in these energy saving measures. By making small changes, we can accomplish a lot, while maintaining a pleasant hotel experience. These measures will save energy and reduce emissions from the hospitality trade.

Changes in conditions 

Sokos Hotels will lower the temperature of rooms and restaurants by a degree.
Ventilation will be reduced at peak times. We still guarantee clean and good indoor air quality.

Changes in our services

  • Opening hours of guest saunas will be shortened, depending on hotel.

Preparing for possible power outages

  • We make every effort to minimize the incidents caused to our guests and prioritize the safety of our guests and employees.
  • We aim to communicate upcoming outages and their impact in good time.

You can contribute to energy savings during your visit

  • Please don't change the pre-set room temperature
  • Please avoid running water unnecessarily
  • Keep the windows closed
  • Please use the sauna with consideration
  • Please only use adequate lighting
  • Please always turn off the lights when leaving the room