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Sustainability is continuous process in Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa.

Sustainability in Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa

Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa is a modern and a brand-new hotel in Kupittaa, a fast-growing area in Turku, only a short way from the city center with easy access to archipelago. Original Sokos hotel Kupittaa, or Kuppis as we may friendly call, opened in the beginning of July 2020. Sustainability has been present in our hotel from the beginning and yet continues to be. 

During the construction process we were able to make sustainable choices through the latest technologies and innovations. The faucets and showers have water saving nozzles, all of our detergents are eco-labeled and our lights work by motion detector, to mention a few. Also, a fun fact the sinks in our lobby toilets are designed and manufactured in Finland by eco-designer Woodio. The sinks have a minimal carbon footprint, serve as CO2 store and will cause no landfill waste by being burnable after the end of lifespan. Our waste disposal room was planned big enough to enable proper recycling. We have multiple different containers, twelve to be exact, that enable us to sort our waste into different components. Our hotel aims to be paper-free and therefore provides our guests with a tablet and a wall with QR-codes to find information, attractions and amusement nearby. 

We implement sustainability not only ecologically, but also economically and socio-culturally. We take care of our employees by having yearly surveys of satisfaction and by providing monetary benefit that can be used only to promote wellbeing (such as massage, gym etc.). Results of the survey are reviewed by the whole Team Kuppis and a plan of what will be improved and how is made together. We collaborate with regional producers, schools and companies in Kupittaa area to enhance synergy and positive influence for locals. We have chosen to give out for charity and the destination was picked by a staff voting. Currently it is the Sylva Ry – association that supports local kids and adolescents with cancer. 

Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa was built next to an adventure park, sports centers, the biggest city park in Finland and above the Kupittaa train station. So if you choose to travel by ground, you will be able to enter our hotel directly from Helsinki train station. Or, if you come from a longer distance you can take a train from Helsinki-Vantaa airport as well. To ensure getting around the city easy yet eco-friendly, you can pick a Fölläri city bike or an electric scooter right in front of our hotel. You can also just roam around on foot, since the city center is not far away and the sidewalks are safe and maintained. 

We have an atmospheric restaurant called Bistro Elli on the ground level. The ala carte menu includes vegan options for foods and drinks. Hotel breakfast also includes several vegan options. Deli will serve you near the lobby 24/7 and therefore we will have a vegetarian food option available at all times. We are working on being able to serve a vegan option at all times. To cut down our food waste, we use the popular ResQ app to sell our surplus meals in low cost. 

Our hotel has the Green Key certificate to represent our sustainability. We have also applied for Sustainable Travel Finland -label (STF) and plan to be the first Sokos Hotel to have it in the area of southwest Finland and archipelago. We as a Team Kuppis continue our progress towards a sustainable hotel and the STF label will support us in our constant development. 


Joukahaisenkatu 6, Turku