Children's traffic park in Iisalmi Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta

Summer time activities for children in Iisalmi

The children's traffic park is located in Luuniemi, at address Luuniemenkatu 11. The activities are free of charge and intended for under 10-year-old children. In the traffic park, the children can practice traffic rules with the help of an instructor, either by driving a pedal car or as pedestrians.  There is also a pedal train with grade crossings and light signals in the area. The area also has a well-equipped playground.

Opening hours

The Children's traffic park is open from mid-May to August 11.

Tuesday-Friday at 9-18.

The traffic park remains closed during rain.

For groups of over five children, an appointment should be made in advance with the Children's traffic park instructor, tel. 040 830 4378.


The equipment in the Children's traffic park is intended for under children under 10 years of age / under 140 cm tall. During the opening hours of the traffic park, only the park's equipment can be used. In order to ensure the safety of the pupils and everyone else in the park, the instructions and orders of the instructor must be followed and everyone should drive and act in a manner that does not cause a danger or damage to themselves or others.