Summer holiday in Kuopio

We at Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi have put together a list of the top things to do when visiting Kuopio during summer holidays!

You are welcome to pick the best tips for you and enjoy a summer day in Kuopio!


1. The beauty of Kuopio shines from the waves of Lake Kallavesi. Take a cruise ship from the harbour, just five minutes walk from our hotel, and admire the views of Kuopio and the spectacular scenery of the Finnish Lakeland. As our hotel guest you can get tickets at a cheaper price at our reception.

2. Make your shopping dreams come true at Kuopio Market Square! Experience the Savonian atmosphere along with friendly service in Kuopio's market hall, probably one of the most precious buildings in Kuopio city. Built in 1902, it is still selling local and imported specialty goods ranging from fresh bread and vegetables to spices and specialty cheeses!
We also recommend that you visit the Sokos store in the city center, since you can take full advantage of our guests' exclusive discounts in at-store purchases by showing your key-card case at the checkout counter.

3. In Kuopio you get to experience our beautiful city with the Hop-On Hop-Off City buss and ship. As our hotel guest you can buy a ticket from our reception and hop on the bus just outside our main entrance. The bus takes you to the most fascinating experiences in the city. There are more than ten stops along the route and you can hop on or off with one ticket as many times as you want during the day. With the same ticket you can also hop on the ship at the harbor and cruise around Lake Kallavesi.
Check the schedules from the official website.

4. A beach holiday at Väinölänniemi: Only within five minutes' walk from our hotel you get to enjoy a Finnish beach holiday at Väinölänniemi. If you desire a little thrill in your day, Café Väinö's rental will quench your thirst for outdoor experiences.

5. Bellanpuisto is a diverse summer oasis at the shore of Lake Kallavesi, in Siikaranta. At Bellanpuisto you can enjoy City golf or Padel. You won't need a Green Card for City Golf, just a positive attitude. As our hotel guest you can buy cheaper tickets in advance for the whole family at our reception.
If the rain surprises you or the sun shines too bright, the whole family can head to indoor adventure park HopLop or sports center Huippu Center. In Virtuaalimaailma Warppi , next to Kuopio Market Place, you can immerse yourself in virtual reality with the latest VR-headsets.

6. Puijo peak is buzzing with life during summer season! Puijo peak is a piece of forest paradise in the middle of beautiful Kuopio. At Puijo nature reserve, which has been a protected area since the 1900s, you can experience an ancient Finnish forest by biking, hiking or just by relaxing. If you have a need for speed, summer tubing or virtual ski jumping are activities you can try out at Puijo Peak. As our hotel guest you can buy cheaper tickets for the legendary Puijo Tower at our reception.

7. Kuopio's Animal Parks are destinations for the whole family. The closest animal park can be found just ten minutes' drive away from the hotel, just beside Rauhalahti camping area. Another, larger animal park is located south of Kuopio, in Vehmasmäki. Kuopio Animal Park in Vehmasmäki can be reached in 20 minutes from our hotel by car.

8. Partanen Toy Shop, a one-of-a-kind local toy shop is a dream-come-true for every child. The toy shop is located on the same street as our hotel, just past Kuopio Cathedral. As our hotel guest you can get play money for children from reception to be used at the Shop. The toy shop is a warm recommendation for a day of shopping.

9. Kuopio's VB Photographic Centre and diverse museums will provide lots of information and history for those who desire it.
Kuopio Museum is located just across from our hotel. The Museum is connected to Kuopio Main Library with a new building, and together they form Kantti, Home of facts and fantasies. Events and services are now more diverse combining natural sciences, cultural history as well as the library's collections and services. We also recommend visiting Kuopio's art museum in Kauppakatu and Old Kuopio Museum located near our hotel.

10. Kuopio Lippumäki skate park is a dream-come-true for all skaters. Pack your skateboard, kickboard or BMX-bike and enjoy wild rides in the amazing, free for all skate park, which is also the second largest skate park in Finland.

11. Kuopio is a dream city for bikers. As our hotel guest you can borrow a free-of-charge bike from reception. By bike you can ride around the harbour, take a tour at the center of the world, Kuopio Market Place, or go enjoy a beach day at Väinölänniemi beach.
If you desire an e-bike, we recommend renting a Vilkku-city bike.
And if you want to just enjoy the views, book an experiential and ecological Biketaxi, which will drive you around Kuopio center using electrical rickshaws.

12. To friends of bowling and billiard, Keilakukko Kuopio which is located next to the market place, offers bowling, glow bowling and billiard. You can get a -15% discount from those activities as our guest. Just ask for a voucher at our reception.

12. At Tahko you can spend a day in the middle of nature by golfing, mountain biking, boating, hiking, frisbee golfing or relaxing at a spa. We recommend combining a city vacation in Kuopio with a day, or even a week of activities at Tahko, which is located an hour drive away from our hotel at Kuopio.

13. and a hundred more tips for spending a summer day, just ask our hotel reception staff!