Styles of arts and architecture at Torni Helsinki – Scenic rooms

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Helsinki represents three different styles of arts and architecture. The "Kyllikki" rooms have been decorated following the style of Art Nouveau popular at the beginning of the 1900s, while the actual Torni rooms represent the style of Art Deco from the 1930s. In addition, the topmost Torni rooms on floors 8–11 are modern scenic rooms. The interior design of the rooms is the work of Pirkko-Liisa Topelius.

Nearly every room is unique – no two rooms are completely identical. The colours, shapes and furniture of the rooms vary according to the floor and style. Every room also features art from monthly changing exhibitions of Ateljée Bar. In some rooms, entire walls are covered with art.


Scenic rooms

In Solo Up with View rooms on the topmost floors, a glass wall separates the bathroom from other parts of the room. These aquarium-like rooms offer magnificent views over Helsinki, also from the bathroom. Very light colours have been used in the rooms. The topmost floor is white, changing to red, light grey and yellow on the way down. These light colours and glass walls add more space to the rooms, as they are slightly smaller than rooms on lower floors, as Torni gets narrower the higher it goes.

The toilet door in the transparent bathroom depicts a digital work of art by artist Juha Okko. It is a misty tapework which adds a little privacy to the bathroom.

The scenery opening up from the windows is an integral part of the interior design. No conventional curtain solutions are used, and large mirrored surfaces extend the space and reproduce the scenery. One of the fundamental ideas of functionalism is purposefulness. As an example of this, cooling units are hidden inside lighting fixtures.

At the top of Torni, furniture design has been influenced by the metal-framed furniture of Merivaara that was also used in Torni in the 1930s. Chairs are designed by Mart Stam. Small tables designed by Eileen Gray and lights designed by V.G. Weite also add a little bit of extra.

Toilets in Ateljée Bar at Torni Helsinki are known for their scenic windows, offering views of Helsinki at its most beautiful. The idea is that Helsinki and modern Finnish art is ever present at Torni, starting from the main entrance.

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