Stay safely at S Group hotels


This is how we take care of you during these special circumstances.

With the abrupt change we see in the world, we have updated our offerings as well as our cleaning and safety practices in accordance with government and our own company guidelines. Our hotels, restaurants and meeting facilities are cleaner and safer than ever, allowing you to enjoy your hotel stay with peace of mind.

We outline our most important hotel safety measures below. You can read the complete safety instructions here:

Sokos Hotels

Radisson Blu Hotels

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Cleaning practices and hygiene at the hotel.

Cleaning practices have been intensified throughout the hotel. We pay particular attention to the cleaning of contact surfaces, such as door handles, elevator buttons, table tops and remote controls. Hotel rooms are cleaned on a daily basis only upon request.

The staff pays special attention to hand hygiene during these special circumstances. We also encourage our guests to do so. Hand sanitizer, soap and disposable towels are always prominently and adequately available. Restaurant dining and meeting attendance starts with a hand wash. 

If unwell, one is to stay home. Our employees have been instructed to stay home even if the slightest symptoms occur. Guests must also refrain from staying at a hotel, visiting a restaurant or attending a meeting, if unwell.


Remember the safety distance!

We instruct our guests to maintain the recommended safety distance in the hotel's public areas, including the restaurant and meeting rooms. In queues, the safety distance is controlled by supervising staff or safety signs, in restaurant and meeting rooms by reducing the number of customer seats and rearranging furniture.

Restaurants and conference facilities.

Our restaurants will reopen from 1.6. onwards. The restaurants will offer their most popular dishes as table service. The hotel breakfast is served as table service, partly available from a pickup station. Restaurant meals and hotel breakfasts are also available as take-away options.

Our restaurants operate as required in these special circumstances. This means, among other things, limiting the number of customers, possible changes in opening hours and setting times. Particular attention is paid to hygiene and cleanliness. Adequate safety distances have been ensured not only in the restaurant premises but also in the meeting rooms. Check the offerings and opening hours of each restaurant at  

In all our operations, we follow the instructions of the authorities and local legislation. In addition, we have produced S Group internal hygiene guidelines for the COVID-19 situation. Our guidelines are in line with the guidelines issued for our industry by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Travel & Tourism Council.

Let's take care of each other!

A warm welcome as our guest!


Petri Isomäki

Vice President Sales