Squirrels Onni and Laura

Onni Orava is a corporate animal of Sokos Hotels' chain. Kids love this funny creature: they play and dance with it on all parties and events, whereas soft toy Onni has become a best friend of our small guests.

We were inspired by this love and attention and decided to patronize a real squirrel in the Leningrad Zoo Park, which of course was named after Onni! Moreover Onni has a girlfriend – Laura, who is also under guardianship of Sokos Hotels Saint Petersburg.

You can see them in any day in their spacious cage. You can clarify the working hours of the Zoo on the official website The best time for visiting these fluffy animals is the morning or early afternoon. Squirrels are active until 3 o'clock and prefer to rest in the second part of the day in their cage. We hope that you will have time to visit them during your stay. And, of course, we will tell many interesting stories about our squirrels further on - stay tuned for news on our corporate social networks.

We are glad that Sokos Hotels St. Petersburg has the opportunity to help animals and contribute to the protection of the environment.