Special Viru 45 jubilee brewer original Sokos Hotel Viru Estonia

Special Viru 45 jubilee brewer

For the jubilee year of Hotel Viru was made a special brew named Viru XLV, a strongly citrusy ale which was started on the night of the full moon by the hands of our very own people. The beer, consisting of a variety of world tastes, is like the Viru Hotel itself, a meeting place of cultures.

The special flavor of the special brew comes from the American hops named Citra, the water comes from Estonia, the barley malt from Belgium and it is fermented by a British top fermentation yeast.

With its citrusy tart-sweet-bitter taste, Viru XLV fits perfectly to balance and tone down different vigorously spicy flavors. It fits well with the BBQ ribs, burgers, spicy TexMex dishes and Indian curries, as well as the mildly salted salmon and shrimp salads.

Viru XLV special brew has been produced in a limited quantity, and it is only available at Viru Hotel!