Special burger menu at the Bridges Bar

Bridges Bar offers a special menu, which includes burgers prepared according to different country traditions: Russian, German, English and even Asian! Russian meat burger - with crispy pickles and baked beetroot. German - with sausages and marinated vegetables. Bacon, egg and double patties – English burger for a real gentlemen. The original Asian burger has spicy chili, a juicy combination of chicken and crab, for the exotic cuisine lovers. You can choose your favorite drink that will be a great addition to a tasty burger.

The street food, which he presents in this special seasonal menu, embodies the idea of ​​a holiday, an atmosphere of competition and overflowing emotions. Delicious and juicy burger can delight even the experienced gourmand. However, even if your friends are vegetarians, bring them with you to the Bridges Bar: we serve dishes for people with different culinary preferences.

Welcome to the Bridges Bar on Birzhevoi Lane., 2-4 and refresh yourself after a walk through the summer city, we serve 24/7.

Book a table: restaurants.pb@shotels.ru +7 (812) 335-22-00 (ext.1406)