Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki collaborates with World Vision Finland

Our reception's uniform was renewed during autumn 2020 and due to this renewal we had lots of extra blouses that were either brand new or used only a couple of times. Donating these blouses to people in need was a matter of heart to us, so we decided to team up with World Vision Finland. In collaboration with World Vision the blouses were donated to a local Mng'aro Mtaani charity organization in Nairobi, Kenya.

Local young men grown at the slums in Nairobi founded the organization and now they are giving back to the community in the most heartwarming way. ‘Clothing for peace' initiative provides clothing for the underprivileged people such as children, single mothers and elderly living in the difficult conditions of the slums.

This is how also the blouses that had served Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki's receptionists got a new life. Green blouses were donated to a group of unemployed men living in the slums. The navy blue blouses found their new owners from young single mothers struggling to make a living. The woman teachers in the local Korogocho village school were extremely pleased with their new work uniform: beautiful purple blouses previously worn by our sales representatives.

In addition to a high quality collection of blouses, we also packed suspenders, bow ties and vests to the box shipped to Nairobi. Not to mention a small book filled with pictures of Jyväskylä and our hotel made by our Green Key ambassador Lina!

We are so happy about this collaboration – thank you for this amazing opportunity World Vision Finland and Mng'aro Mtaani!