11th time in row Sokos Hotels has been selected as the most sustainable hotel chain in Finland

Sokos Hotels is the most sustainable hotel chain in Finland

Sokos Hotels has been selected as the most sustainable hotel chain in Finland in the international Sustainable Brand Index survey, now for the 11th time in a row. Sustainability work at Sokos Hotels is multi-faceted, continuous and forms a part of each day.

Energy efficiency year 2022


Last year, hotels and restaurants paid special attention to energy efficiency. Temperatures, ventilation and lighting were adjusted and automated. The hotels have increased their own solar power production, as for example 86 solar panels on the roof of Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Kouvola generate electricity for the hotel's needs. In Tampere, Original Sokos Hotel Ilves uses the water of the adjacent Tammerkoski rapids towards heating and cooling the hotel.

The amount of electric car charging stations has been increased, and guests are invited to rent bicycles. Break Sokos Hotel Koli Village, which will open in the summer 2023, will have as many as ten electric charging stations. All Sokos Hotels can also be reached by public transport.

Compensating for hotel stay emissions possible also for your group


Sokos Hotels was the first hotel chain in Finland to offer its guests the possibility of compensating for the carbon footprint of their hotel stay in 2021. More than 20,000 of our guests took advantage of this opportunity in 2022.

Food waste reduction


At our hotels, we strive to minimize food waste. Vegetables and fruits are used for vegetable broths, smoothies and baking. Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta in Iisalmi delivers dried bread to a local highland cattle ranch for animal feed.

Guests are encouraged to reduce breakfast waste, and with the ResQ app, restaurants can sell surplus food at affordable prices to city residents.

Increased share of local and plant-based food


Seasonal produce and local products are utilized in food preparation. The group can enjoy meat from a local sheep farm seasoned with herbs grown in the garden, in the hotel's restaurant, or pair pikeperch from Lake Pielinen with wines of the nearby Valamo monastery.

Breakfast at Solo Sokos Hotel Lahden Seurahuone is served with honey from bees living on the roof of the building. The syrups used for the cocktails at the American Bar at Hotel Torni in Helsinki are made from local ingredients in the hotel's own kitchen.

The amount of plant-based foods is constantly increasing on the menus, and vegan options are often available. S-restaurants are also running a project aimed at increasing the diverse use of food made from legumes.

Recycling – a social responsibility


Recycling is an important part of running a sustainable business. Work clothes, for example, are recycled for reuse in many of our hotels. In connection with renovations, old furniture is restored whenever possible, or donated to those in need. Disposable bedding is donated to emergency shelters for homeless as well as animal shelters.

Recyclable products are increasingly used in hotels, from sinks to containers. When relaxing in the hotel sauna, water is thrown on the stove from a pail made from eco-friendly composite and seat covers are made from biodegradable materials.

All Sokos Hotels have been awarded the Green Key eco-label, as well as several Sustainable Travel Finland-labels, as a sign of their work towards sustainability.

Sustainability work is at the core of the operations of the entire S Group. The goal is to be a fully carbon negative group by 2025.

Your stay with us is sustainable. We will be happy to provide more information, if needed.