Sokos Hotels is the most sustainable hotel chain in Finland

Sokos Hotels is the most sustainable hotel chain in Finland

S Group's chains were again ranked high in the Sustainable Brand Index, the largest brand study on sustainability in the Nordic countries. Finnish consumers rated S-Market, S-Bank and Sokos Hotels as the most sustainable brands in their categories.

The brands were listed by country. When all the studied sectors were put together, Sokos Hotels was the 29th most sustainable brand in Finland. S Group's brands received excellent rankings, with the Kotimaista product range (2nd place), S-Market (3rd place) and Prisma (9th place) being in the top ten.

In the annual Sustainable Brand Index study conducted in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, nearly 30,000 consumers analyse more than 750 brands, for example, according to how sustainable they consider each brand to be. Every brand is analysed by at least 1,000 people of more than 16 years of age. The study included roughly 140 brands from Finland.

The analysed brands were selected according to their market position, annual turnover, market share and general brand awareness. With regard to social and environmental sustainability, the study is based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact initiative.

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