Sokos Hotels in Joensuu received sauna certificates

Warmly welcome to experience North Karelian saunas in Joensuu's Sokos Hotels!

Both Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel and Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna have received the certificate of an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience during autumn 2022. Vaakuna has had the certificate before and it was recently renewed. At Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel the sauna certificate was shared between the hotel room saunas and also between the Pampering Spa Kimmel.

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience certificate guarantees a high-quality sauna experience which also takes into account the customer. The certificate has been awarded to various hotels under the Original Sokos Hotel brand.

Developing the sauna experience by collaborating

Kimmel's new Pampering Spa Kimmel offers luxury. The spa was opened in July 2022, and it has a Finnish sauna as well as a steam sauna. The different pools and experience showers top up the experience. In addition, the spa has a unique sauna path created in collaboration with Lumene which includes a set of skincare products. The set includes a salt scrub for your feet, face scrub, a calming face mask, body moisturizer and an intense 24-hour moisturizer. During the sauna experience you can treat your body from head to!

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna's service manager Kati Moilanen found that the Sauna from Finland helped the hotel to find ways to develop the sauna experience as the outside comments helped to see different details. The hotel updated the sauna experience with small details such as by changing the stones in the sauna's stove and by changing the showerheads. The safety of the saunas was developed by ordering supportive handles. Now the sauna spaces are even better places for relaxing.


The sauna certificate is something that is good to mention to the guests

Both Kimmel and Vaakuna aim to keep the certificate proudly visible so that the guests from Finland and abroad as well as the staff know where to head for a quality sauna experience. Both the General Manager Kaija-Riitta Uusitalo as well as the Hotel Manager Evelin Bötker says that the sauna experience is not only an additional service but a meaningful service.

" It's a great feeling, that we know that we've done right things in the right way. We aim to increase the awareness of the quality of our saunas to our guests in different ways!"

"Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel received one of the top scores from the audit that has ever been given by the Sauna from Finland. I look forward of seeing how the hotel takes advantage and develops the sauna experience after gathering customer feedback for example with the help of guest books", says the sauna auditor Carita Harju.

More information:

Kaija-Riitta Uusitalo
General Manager
tel: +358 50 388 3885
Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel & Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Joensuu

Carita Harju
Executive Manager
tel: +358 40 566 2481
Sauna from Finland ry