Social Table in Tapiola Garden

One of the themes in the Finland 100-year festival is "eat together". In Original Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden we give the chance to our S-Card customers to enjoy a good meal with your friends. On Monday-Thursday from 18-21 we offer our S-Card customers a buffet were the portions change daily. The buffet costs one meal voucher (12€).

The new study show that finish people want to spend more time together around the dining room table. The Finns want to relax and enjoy their food with their friends. It has been more and more popular to go out and eat with your family and friends here in Finland. International studies show that we finish people spend less time together around the dining table than many other countries. During the Finland-100 year we want to make a change concerning this.

We take part in the Finish 100-year celebration trough offering our guests a mutual time around the dining table.

See you around the Social Table!