Seurahuone Savonlinna awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label

Seurahuone Savonlinna awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label

Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone Savonlinna and its restaurants have been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label. The companies that have received the award meet the criteria set by Visit Finland, which promotes tourism and considers economic, ecological, social and cultural sustainability.

The recognition forms part of the Savonlinna region's ambition to become the leading region for responsible tourism in Saimaa.

Travelers increasingly value sustainable experiences and products. There is also a growing demand for sustainable travel companies. The Sustainable Travel Finland label developed by Visit Finland confirms that the company is committed to sustainable operations in several areas.

"Sustainability is at the core of our operations and a natural part of our everyday life. Being awarded the STF label feels great and will definitely serve as additional motivation for our staff as they continue their sustainability work," says Kati Vihma, General Manager at Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone.


Works of a local artist part of sociocultural responsibility

One of the elements of the STF label is social and cultural sustainability. Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone has defined its goals to promoting diversity in the work community, ex-tending the tourist season in the Savonlinna region and expanding its cooperation with local entrepreneurs. Concrete examples include the lobby shop featuring local products, cooper-ation with Savonlinna's guides and the art of local artist Tuomo Kukkonen on display in the rooms of Seurahuone Apartments.

"An artist is always delighted when his works find their audience. In the hotel, my art reaches a very diverse audience," says Kukkonen. He draws his inspiration from nature. The works arranged in the Seurahuone apartments are from a series named Clouds. "They depict an abstract landscape allowing each viewer their own interpretation. In general, I want my works to embody peace, which brings a sense of security and cosiness to the hotel experience. These apartments are beautiful, like small homes," Tuomo Kukkonen explains.


Savonlinna as driver of sustainable tourism in Saimaa

Savonlinna aims to become the leading sustainable tourism region in Saimaa and to be awarded the regional Sustainable Travel Finland label. One of the criteria is that half of its

companies engaged in international tourism have been awarded the STF label. So far eight companies, including Savonlinna Seurahuone, have been awarded the label.

"International tour operators demand sustainable operations from tourism companies and regions. Companies that have been awarded the STF label are pioneers who voluntarily take responsibility for the impacts of their own business activities on nature, people and society," says Project Manager Sanna Eerikäinen, who heads a project named Towards Sustainable Tourism in the Savonlinna Region.

The aim of the project Towards Sustainable Tourism in the Savonlinna Region is to strengthen the responsibility competence of tourism operators in the region, to systemati-cally develop responsible operations and to increase responsibility communication.


Sustainability is key also in the renovation of the rooms

Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone is currently renovating 53 hotel rooms, which will be com-pleted during the summer season 2023. The hotel simultaneously ensures that ventilation and lighting solutions are energy-saving. Accessibility will also be improved. The renovations not only support the hotel's sustainability goals, but also validate the hotel as a versatile experience centre. Savonlinnan Saneerauspalvelu acts as main contractor.


Sokos Hotels has been selected as Finland's most responsible, most valued and most reliable hotel chain for several consecutive years. Learn more about Sokos Hotels' environ-mental work and sustainability:  Read more here>

More information: Kati Vihma, General Manager, Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone, Savonlinna,, tel. +358 50 371 4530

Sanna Eerikäinen, Project Manager, Towards Sustainable Tourism in the Savonlinna Re-gion,, tel. +358 40 015 5148

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