Sauna From Finland Certified Saunas at Seurahuone

For centuries, saunas have been an integral part of the everyday lives and special occasions of Finns. Taking a sauna together unites people, and it is good for your body and soul. We at Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone Kotka wanted to invest in providing a unique sauna experience for our guests, every day of the year. We are proud to tell you that our saunas have been granted the Sauna from Finland Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate.
The certificate shows that the quality of our saunas and sauna services is among the best in the world. Every sauna granted with this certificate has been audited to be clean, elegant, genuine, safe and relaxing. Our saunas for guests and bookings, Kallioranta, Hiekkaranta and Majakka, offer bathers a gentle steam above the city rooftops, as all of our saunas open up to a gorgeous city view of Kotka's centre. The best way to enjoy the view is to relax on our glazed balconies, which all of the sauna facilities have.
In addition to the Kallioranta, Hiekkaranta and Majakka sauna facilities, our Seurahuone has six hotel rooms with their own saunas. One of these rooms is the top-floor Captain Suite, which is the first hotel room sauna to have been awarded (1 April 2020) the Sauna from Finland quality certificate in Finland – and all of the world.
If you want to upgrade your sauna experience, the shop by our reception sells Veico's Sauna Gift Boxes (€30). One box contains Hukka Orbits eye stones, Osmia Koivu soap bar and Luonnokas shampoo block, all packed in a wooden box. The Sauna Gift Box makes an excellent souvenir or gift to a sauna-lover.
The goal of Sauna from Finland Ry is to create the best Finnish sauna experience, and with development work, Original by Sokos Hotels helps reach this goal by offering the best possible sauna experience to each hotel guest. 
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