Estoria olut

Sauna-flavoured beer, really?

Did you know that Estonian craft beer brewers have succeeded in catching the emotion of the sauna and bottling it? The smarter ones will say that this is not just a mere thirst satisfier, but this novel-flavoured beer also functions as an alleviator of yearning for the aestival birch forest and sauna. To make the beer, 40 authentic birch whisks are used for every 1,000 l of beer. In addition to the Sauna Session beer and Viru XLV house beer, the Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria bar offers a representative selection of Estonian craft beers. Our bartenders can explain all and help find one to suit you.

The explosively popular craft beers have changed the Estonian beer market beyond recognition and new beers are being introduced frequently. In our bar, we keep an eye on these trends and choose the best ones to serve our guests. Today we offer eight local craft beers from four different producers, with the strength of the drinks varying from 4.7% to 11%, and when the weather becomes colder we will expand the selection of dark beers. The atmosphere in the bar is created by live sports, and larger groups can also order from the food menu. Come alone or with your friends. The starting point for the evening party is right here!


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