Safety is a core issue

Safety is a core issue

Every Sokos Hotel has a safety plan for personal and property damage as well as accidents and exceptional situations. In safety matters, we comply with legal requirements but also pay extra attention, for example, on the prevention of hazards. Interior fabrics and bedclothes in hotel rooms are made from flame-retardant materials. The hotels are equipped with an automatic fire alarm system, which allows quick locating of the fire.

Hotel exits are clearly indicated on boards in the room and the staff regularly check that exits are unobstructed. Alarm and PA systems are tested annually and emergency exit situations are practised regularly.

The property of hotel guests is looked after. If they wish, every guest is provided with a safety deposit box, a safe parking place and room to store their luggage. The hotel room can be double-locked, and it is equipped with a peephole and/or safety chain. All hotels have CCTV monitoring and access control in use. Information on individuals staying at the hotel is not disclosed to outsiders. The guest lifts are locked for the night so that they can only be used with key cards provided to the guests. If needed, the staff can summon help quickly with separate guard call buttons.


Safety training

Every hotel has a safety specialist who participates in safety training for one day every year. Evacuation drills are implemented at Sokos Hotels every 2–3 years, and the theory part is reviewed every year. Crisis management drills are arranged for hotel management teams every three years. In addition, training on defibrillator use is organised at hotels as well as safety walks during which the staff walk through the various departments of the hotel led by a safety expert and acquaint themselves with safety and security issues at their workplace in case of possible exceptional situations.


Food safety is controlled through Oiva reports

Ensuring food safety is an essential part of S Group's restaurant operations. Food safety is controlled through Oiva reports at restaurants. Oiva is a food safety information publication system coordinated by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. Inspections in accordance with the Oiva system are carried out by municipal food inspectors according to the control plan. The control results have been published by means of Oiva reports since May 2013.

In the Oiva system, food safety, such as food hygiene and product safety, in companies is assessed by issuing them smiley faces.

The Oiva reports can be found here: