S Group hotels and restaurants welcome their summer employees!

The S Group employs a total of 15 000 summer employees. The first seasonal employees have already started their employment at the Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone in Savonlinna. We are entering the busiest season of the year, which is why we want to start orientation early. The hotel is happy to welcome new colleagues, as is the entire S Group.

In Sokos Hotels, Radisson Blu Hotels and S Group restaurants, summer employees serve customers in the hotel reception and with housekeeping as well as kitchen and serving duties. There is plenty of work available, from Helsinki to Levi.

"We are grateful for each new employee! It has been nice to see that there is still interest in our industry, even after the challenging exemption period. Some summer employees may lack work experience, but show great enthusiasm when it comes to learning. We have all been in the same situation. At the time, supportive colleagues and understanding customers were of utmost importance," says Jaana Matikainen, Director, Travel Business Concepts and Development at SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management. 


"This year, hotel Seurahuone will employ seasonal help with Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, English and Spanish as their native language," says Ville Tunturila, Shift Manager at Seurahuone in Savonlinna. "For the first time, English will be our internal working language."

"For our regular staff, orientation takes some effort, but the new colleagues are eagerly awaited each summer! A fresh view at things always gives a new perspective on the hotel and restaurant operations. We, for our part, promise to train the new colleagues to be their very best. July is a busy season in Savonlinna, which means plenty of working hours for summer employees. In addition to encouraging management, summer employees will also be entitled to great S Group employee benefits," Tunturila emphasizes.


Daniil Pastukhov, who has relocated to Savonlinna from St. Petersburg, was found through a recruitment company. He has now experienced two weeks at the famous summer terrace, Muikkuterassi, at Seurahuone. Having previous experience from the restaurant industry, he has been taken by surprise by the relaxed approach to work, both among colleagues and in the way of serving customers. "I have previously worked in large international hotels, where the work culture was much more formal. Here you are allowed to show your own personality, and colleagues and customers have been very friendly."

He is also happy with the orientation. "When I started, my supervisors introduced me to the premises and local customs, and we also tasted all the dishes on the menu. I felt pretty confident starting my first shift. My only challenge is learning a little Finnish so that I can serve customers in their native language. As well as the beverage sales competition, which I would like to win," Daniil says with a smile. 


Welcome, all summer employees – to create happiness among colleagues and to learn to make our customers happy!