Restoration of the Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky facade is completed

We love our city and as a socially responsible company we take care of preserving the cultural heritage. Owing to the restoration, today you have the possibility to explore the vaults of a building, part of which was once the residence of dignitaries. In the 19th century here was located the mansion of the Swedish consul L. Sterki, and later the house belonged to the widow of the secret counselor F.V. Ovsyannikov, a famous academician, a major physiologist and anatomist, who created the physiological laboratory in the Academy of Sciences. Over the time, the building fell into decay, and we were building the facades almost from scratch. Unfortunately, the short northern summer is the only time when there is an opportunity to carry out the maintenance works and take care of the beauty of our beloved city. Today, the interior of the hotel boasts with noble details: exquisite decoration of rooms, paintings, chandeliers and marble floors in the foyer. We try to preserve the spirit of aristocratic Petersburg so that your trip will become truly memorable!