Gunnar Eatery & Bar ravintola Solo Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone
Merry Xmas!

Restaurant Gunnar´s Christmas dessert


Christmas pistachio parfait 

2 eggs
0,5 dl water
150 g sugar
2 dl cream
50 g pistachios 
110 g pumpernickel
First prepare the caramel: Melt 100g of sugar in a pan until golden brown. Spread the melted sugar on to a silicon mat and let it cool. Break the cooled sugar to a powder using a blender. 
Grate the pink part of the pumpernickel into powder and set aside.
Crumble the rest of the pumpernickel with an immersion blender and add 40g of melted butter and mix to a dough. Divide the dough in to 6 small bowls lined with plastic wrap.  
Whisk the eggs to a foam and boil the water and remaining sugar (50g) into a syrup. 
Add the sugar syrup to the whisked eggs pouring it in as a thin string and whip it together to a cold, hard and fluffy foam. 
Crumble the pistachios with the immersion blender. Whip the cream and add the caramel and the pistachios to the whipped cream. Combine with the egg foam and divide the parfait to the 6 small, plastic wrap lined bowls. Set the bowls in to the freezer and let it set at least for 4 hours, preferably overnight. 
Caramel sauce
150 g sugar
2 dl water
1 cinnamon stick 
2 star anises
Melt the sugar in kettle in high heat stirring it with a wooden spoon. When the colour changes to golden brown lift the kettle aside and add 2 dl water. Be careful – the melted sugar is extremely hot! 
Add the cinnamon stick and star anise and continue to cook for another 5 to 10 minutes. 
Let the sauce rest overnight and strain the sauce the next day.
Take the parfaits out of the freezer 10 to 15 minutes prior to serving. Remove the parfaits from the bowls, cut in half and place on the plates. Decorate with the pink pumpernickel-powder by straining the powder on top of the parfait and add the caramel sauce to the plate.