Restaurant Bomba's menu is being renewed

Bomba's Karelian Village is going to have a delicious summer. Restaurant Bomba's menu is being renewed, with the specialty being the Valamo menu

Next summer visitors in Bomba, Nurmes will be able to indulge in high-quality local flavours. Both the new menu at Restaurant Bomba and the five-course Valamo menu are the works of art of Bomba's Executive Chef Pasi Brilli. Guests can also participate in popular Karelian pastry workshops held weekly during the summer season. The taste of Valamo wines can be experienced by participating in a wine tasting event. Tourists can stay at the spa hotel Break Sokos Hotel Bomba or in the renovated rooms of the Karelian village.


Bomba will also become a destination for food tourism

The Bomba area is developing in many ways. Construction on the new spa hotel extension began during spring, and the rooms in the Karelian village's log houses have already been renovated. Now, they are diversifying the dining experiences.

"The start of the hotel expansion is really motivating for all of us. It feels great to be involved in developing the Bomba area into a high-quality experience destination, including food services. Good food is an important part of the vacation experience for tourists," says Pasi Brilli, who found his way from Savo to North Karelia.

"We will be transforming Bomba's restaurant concept so that starting on June 26, we will be serving high-quality à la carte dinners focused on local flavours," Brilli says. "For lunch, we will continue with the proven concept of a buffet."

The inspiration for the à la carte dishes comes from authentic Karelian flavour memories and is executed with a fresh modern twist. Local ingredients take center stage, such as root vegetables from the village, North Karelian berries, pike from Lake Pielinen, venison and bear meat from the nearby forests, and goose roasts from Hauhala Goose farm.


Valamo menu pays tribute to the flavours of Valamo Monastery wines

The five-course Valamo menu, which also showcases Brilli's culinary expertise, has sought out suitable flavour pairings for the berry-infused monastery wines. The result sounds delicious; Jerusalem artichoke with Valamo's Kerubi, sugar-salted pike-perch with Valamo's Valo, and tournedos with Valamo's Vaeltaja. Finally, lemon cheesecake and local cheeses.

The menu is prepared for groups of at least 10 people, available daily, and it is a stylish choice for various festive dinners.

Valamo wines can also be tasted in a separate wine tasting event held at Bomba House weekly, starting on June 10th. Visitors can also participate in the popular Karelian pie workshops to learn about traditional Karelian baking during vacation periods. Pre-registration is available for workshops, or participants can sign up on-site.


Experiential Bomba increasing in popularity

The proximity to nature, the traditional culture of the Karelian village, and the luxurious Kalevala-inspired spa make Bomba a unique experience. There are three national parks within an hour's drive and plenty of activities in the area. Additionally, Break Sokos Hotel Bomba has a beach, a disc golf course, and campfire places. Bomba is attracting more and more target groups, and occupancy rates are on the rise.

"It's fantastic that next summer 2024 we'll have 92 brand new rooms with natural colours and stunning views towards the lake. The new building will also feature a restaurant, so dining services at Bomba will become even more diverse. We're also introducing an artisanal pizzeria with a local twist," says general manager Sanna Tenhunen about the future plans.

Bomba's services:

• Rooms in the Karelian village, renovated during spring 2023

• Spa hotel Break Sokos Hotel Bomba

• Spa Bomba, the hotel's experiential spa

• Trattoria Pielinen, hotel restaurant

• Boutiques and an exhibit at Bomba House


Break Sokos Hotel Bomba is getting a makeover; in the summer of 2024, a brand new 92-room hotel wing with restaurants will open on the shore of Lake Pielinen.


For more information:

Pasi Brilli, Executive Chef, Break Sokos Hotel Bomba, tel. +358 10 762 3861,

Sanna Tenhunen, General Manager, Break Sokos Hotel Bomba, tel. +358 50 301 0419,


Break Sokos Hotel Bomba is a spa hotel offering luxurious rooms located next to a traditional Karelian village on the shore of Lake Pielinen in Nurmes. In Spa Bomba's luxurious spa, nature and Karelian mystique can be seen in unexpected places. The spa features three saunas, seven pools, and a panoramic view of the lake. The nearby Bomba House with its exhibits, boutiques, and restaurants showcases Karelian culture. Restaurant services are provided by Trattoria Pielinen and Restaurant Bomba.