Responsible food at S Group's hotel restaurants and restaurant chains

Responsible food at S Group's hotel restaurants and restaurant chains

In the product development of Sokos Hotels and S Group restaurants, the taste, freshness, healthiness, sustainable production method and cleanness of the ingredients of food are taken into account. Domestic ingredients are selected whenever possible. For instance, all steak meat served at Fransmanni, Amarillo and Rosso restaurants is domestic, as is the case with chicken prepared at chain restaurants. Rosso's pepperoni and pizza ham are domestic. No salt is added to children's fries at Rosso restaurants.

Sokos Hotels restaurants and chain restaurants support local production and entrepreneurship and favour recyclable materials and furniture. Old furniture is refurbished when possible. The coffee and tea served at Rosso restaurants come from Fair Trade selections. Rosso's children's menu includes drinks containing no preservatives and produced with wind power, coming from Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas, Finland.


The environmental friendliness of products and food at S Group's Tourism and Hospitality Business

(Sokos Hotels, hotel restaurants and chain restaurants excluding restaurants at ABC service station stores)

Number of products with the Nordic Ecolabel in the selections            92
Number of products with EU Flower-label in the selections            13
Number of organic products in the selections            141
Number of Fair Trade products in the selections            45    
Number of MSC-certified products in the selections            33
Number of FSC-certified products in the selections            359
Fair Trade products in the selections            45
Number of Hyvää Suomesta –labelled products in the selections     978


S Group's principles in the procurement of fish products

In the procurement of fish products, S Group guidelines, which have been formed to conform with the recommendations of various parties, are observed. S Group's selections do not include any species that are on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list of critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable species.

S Group does not approve of environmentally detrimental fishing methods, such as dynamite or toxic substances. For farmed fish, S Group favours sustainably farmed fish (where the environmental impact and working conditions are taken into consideration). The selection of eco-labelled products is being developed. The origin of the fish (the fishing area) and the method of fishing are always clarified. If the supplier cannot provide the information, the product is not accepted into selections. We ensure that the selections do not include undersized or protected fish. The general principles of the guideline, the species to be accepted into selections and species-specific criteria are regularly assessed.

We base our selection of fish on the following sources of data:

IUCN Red List, MCS (Marine Conservation Society) FishOnline status (1–5), WWF seafood guide as applicable (prefer, avoid, consider).

For domestic fish: Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (RKTL).

WWF launched a fish campaign in 2012 with the goal of only having sustainably caught and produced fish on sale by the end of 2015. S Group has accepted the challenge.


Responsible palm oil production

The responsible production of palm oil has been supported at S Group for several years already, and S Group has been a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) since 2011. All palm oil used in deep-frying at S Group's restaurants has been GreenPalm certified for several years.

WWF rates companies on the responsibility of the palm oil supply chain every second year. S Group received the best rating of all Finnish companies in the retail sector in the 2013 rating with the points of 11/12. Points are awarded, among other things, from membership in RSPO and the use of certified palm oil.


The selection of locally produced food is extended

Customers' wishes and dietary trends are constantly monitored at Sokos Hotels and the hotel and chain restaurants. The products of producers in the local region and organic food are added to the selections as domestic and local food products become increasingly popular.

Sokos Hotels' breakfast includes organic products, at minimum organic porridge, bread and tea.


Dietary markings in clear view

The menus of S Group's nationwide chain restaurants display the most common dietary symbols: lactose-free, low-lactose and gluten-free. At Rosso restaurants, vegans are also taken into account in the symbols.


Centralised procurement of food and goods

The procurement of food and beverages at S Group hotels and hotel and chain restaurants has been centralised with the procurement and logistics company Meira Nova. This makes ordering more efficient and saves transportation costs. Meira Nova has ethical requirements for all its suppliers. All transportation companies used by Meira Nova are committed to developing their operations to decrease their impact on climate. S Group sets qualitative, environmental and ethical requirements for its suppliers. The production operations shall meet the requirements of EU and/or the applicable national environmental legislation.

S Group's procurement agreements require that legal requirements, collective labour agreements and international minimum labour standards are followed in the production. Employees' right of organisation shall be respected, and at least the regulatory minimum wages shall be paid to them.  For procurement from high-risk countries, conformance with the requirements is monitored through the BSCI system that aims at improving working conditions.

Sokos Hotels have numerous suppliers of different kind and size. All suppliers and business partners are treated equally, and activities with them are conducted honestly and responsibly, following S Group's ethical principles. This is also expected of all business partners. /web/s/s-ryhma/eettiset-periaatteet