Renovation in Iisalmi completed!

Press release 06/07/2023

Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta in Iisalmi completes its upgrades to offer a peaceful and natural atmosphere!

Located in the centre of Iisalmi in Finland, Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta has completed extensive renovations spanning the entire building. The fresh hotel experience exudes leisureliness and was created in cooperation by professionals from North Savo and an internationally recognised interior designer. The renovation project introduced 32 completely new rooms with natural interiors, sauna facilities, reception, and a new selection of restaurants. The PeeÄssä Cooperative Society invested €5.6m in the hotel's renovations.

Promoting the trend of leisureliness, the staff of Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta seek to offer their guests a peaceful and relaxing stay, supporting Iisalmi's objective of a haste-neutral town (article in Finnish).

"Our revamped hotel has a very calming down-to-earth atmosphere. We are a cosy hotel in a small town with immediate access to nature, a good place to rest and recharge after the activities of a holiday or working day. My favourite places in the upgraded hotel are the soothing lobby and our sauna, which has a lovely wood smell thanks to Lunawood," says general manager Tarja Jeskanen.

A biophilic hotel

The interiors of the hotel and restaurants were designed by interior designer Jaana Ekman of Visionary Design Partners Helsinki Oy. The firm recently won the category of best full-service design company in the international Leading Designers Awards review.

"I wanted to make Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta a multi-sensory entity where nature's beneficial effects were brought indoors according to biophilic design principles. We used as many natural elements as possible, including green interiors, wooden furniture, wallpaper reminiscent of misty forests, and natural hues such as those of grayleaf willow. The interior must also stand the test of time, which is why we only used genuine materials that will age beautifully," says interior designer Jaana Ekman.

Cooperation with local talent

The natural decor was realised in cooperation with local professionals. The sauna's wooden materials were produced by Lunawood in Iisalmi, the audio equipment was produced by Genelec, also in Iisalmi, and the photographs adorning the rooms were taken by local photographer Tuomo Lindfors. Likewise, the construction, electrical, and HPAC work were handled by local operators. 

The revised rooms include both Standard and Superior rooms, spacious family rooms, and a stylish suite.

The restaurants opened in 2023 include Rosso and Hesburger restaurants and include a terrace with 50 seats at street level. The well-lit green and rustic interior of Rosso invites guests to have a fun time together, and the space is also available for private events. The aim is to keep the restaurant open all year round.

The sauna facilities offer relaxing baths and invigorating ice hole showers.

In response to customer feedback, both parking spaces and EV charging stations were added to the hotel's yard.

Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta features 88 rooms, three restaurants, a comfortable sauna, and a private room for meetings. The hotel is Green Key certified for its efforts to protect the environment. The completely renovated rooms will be available to guests from 6 July 2023.

The hotel's operator, PeeÄssä Cooperative Society, is set to invest an enormous €28m into the development of tourism in North Savo, with Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta accounting for €5.6m.

"The renovations were quite massive in scale. I believe the upgraded hotel, its restaurants, and meeting space will improve the vitality of Iisalmi's town centre and the entire region," says general manager Jeskanen. 

Modernisation by

Architectural design        Suunnitteluhuone Oy

Interior design                  Jaana Ekman, Visionary Design Partners Helsinki Oy

Construction project        Savon Laaturakennus Oy

Electrical installation       Sähkörami Oy

HPAC installation            Ylä-Savon LVI Palvelu Oy

Hotel operator                  PeeÄssä Cooperative Society

Further information: Tarja Jeskanen, General Manager, Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta, Iisalmi, Finland,

tel. +358 44 719 7301,

Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta provides a warm and cosy experience in the centre of Iisalmi, in the heart of Upper Savo in Finland. The modern hotel features 88 rooms, a sizable sauna, three restaurants, a large terrace, and a private meeting room. The hotel is operated by the PeeÄssä Cooperative Society. The hotel is Green Key eco-certified.