Upcycling is a design process that puts waste material left from production processes back into production, thereby significantly decreasing the environmental impact of industry.

Reet's doctoral thesis Trash to Trend - Using Upcycling in Fashion Design is about applying the upcycling method in the fashion industry. This has also resulted in the creation of Trash to Trend, a community of upcycling designers.

Since 2012, Reet has collaborated with Beximco, the biggest Bangladeshi clothes manufacturer. As a result of the cooperation, an innovative production process has been created by using the upcycling principles in large-scale manufacturing, thereby increasing the efficiency of manufacturing and decreasing environmental impact. Compared to similar standard products, each piece of clothing manufactured in such a way uses an average of 70% less water and 88% less energy. At the end of 2014, the production line that uses Reet's upcycling method in Beximco was certified with the Upmade certificate.

The work of Dr. Reet Aus has been exhibited in Estoria since the opening of the hotel. During the first half of the year, the Let's Do It! World organisation distributed to guests in connection with its room the furoshiki designed by Aus. During the Tallinn Design Week, the designs of Aus were displayed in our pop-up store.

Pictured with Markko Karu in shirts designed by him and manufactured according to the upcycling method for the jubilee of the Republic of Estonia.