Recommendations from our four-legged employee

Recommendations from our four-legged employee

Meya, our lively five-year-old Jack Russell, is no ordinary city dog who curls up on the sofa each morning as soon as the family heads out for the day. Quite the reverse – she too is up and at 'em and ready for the working day ahead. At least she is each Friday, which is Pet Day in the Original Sokos Hotel Viru office.

Meya's working days are full of excitement: first she comes in and wags her tail at all of her colleagues to make sure they're all in a good mood; then she takes a turn around the hotel, checking whether there are enough toys and treats at reception for the hotel's four-legged guests and that everything's ship-shape in the guest rooms. There's nothing she likes more than the spacious window sills in the hotel rooms, where she can park herself on a soft cushion and watch the world go by outside. There's always something happening here in the city centre, but how all those blue and grey and red and black ‘pooches' down on the street manage to ‘run' so fast isn't something Meya's quite got her head around just yet!

Meya's always coming across other dogs in the corridors, as pets are very much welcome at Viru Hotel. She loves a chat, and she's always keen to find out how they liked the treat they got from reception, which dog parks they're planning on going to in Tallinn and which cafés and restaurants are on their list.

Meya herself feels there's no better place to hang out than Police Park – it's just a short walk from the hotel, has the city's friendliest furballs and boasts plenty of room to run around in and loads of sand to dig up. Among the city's cafés and restaurants she loves Popular (Vana-Viru tn), Gourmet Caffee (L. Koidula 13a) and Komeet (Estonia pst 9) most of all, since she always gets lots of attention when she visits them, a cooling drink of water and sometimes even a snack.

Meya's daydreams are full of running, and running fast, which is why she loves spending her free time out in the forests exploring their tracks. But being a gregarious animal she also likes visiting Tallinn's dog shows. If she meets any shopaholics, she directs them to the Bosse pet shop in Viru Keskus shopping centre. "Cool shop, yeah," she yaps. "I was there only yesterday, bought myself this brilliant beeping toy. You can never have too many of them. But come to Tallinn and our hotel and find out for yourself!" At this point Meya breaks off the interview and makes a dash for the door. Her working day is over. See you next week!