Zetor is 110% Finnish restaurant
Zetor is 110% Finnish restaurant

Quirky restaurant Zetor serves you the best of Finnishness

Looking for a change in restaurant offerings? Do you wish to dive into the heart of Finnish culture and enjoy the flavours of the countryside and a fun milieu? Located in the heart of Helsinki, restaurant Zetor gets creative with its decor and menu.

"Zetor is first and foremost an experience. Restaurant Director Kati Mellin proudly calls it "a restaurant with a great atmosphere that presents Finnish traditions in a unique way".

"I enjoy seeing the astonished faces of our guests as they enter Zetor. Many find it difficult to imagine this type of restaurant in central Helsinki. Our quirky interior is, after all, not visible from the outside. This is simply a stunning place, filled with fun details like tractors, hay stakes, skis and milk carts," Mellin adds.

"Internationally, we are also known for the fact that our menus have been translated into 20 languages."

Jere Pesonen, Key Account Manager at S Group Hotels, agrees with Kati. "Zetor is a restaurant that guests come to genuinely love, as it delights, time after time. The restaurant serves a tasty and authentic selection of traditional Finnish dishes from different parts of the country. A great dining option when visiting Helsinki!"

Reindeer sirloin is a favourite of Katis, who grew up in Lapland

Zetor's menu lets you sample Finnish flavours like game, fish, bread and treasures from the forest in many forms, such as venison sausage, vendance rolled in rye flour and a blueberry bake in the shape of a rooster. Other fun specialties include pancakes served with caramelized apple and crêpes with goat cheese.

Restaurant Director Mellin, born in Sodankylä in Lapland, names salmon soup, reindeer sirloin and blueberry rooster as her favourite picks from the menu. "It's difficult to pick favourites with everything on our menu being so tasty. Our chef Tiina Halme and her team conjure up dishes which are not only delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing."

A unique venue for your group

Zetor is a diverse restaurant that serves as many as 200 guests, with seating around rustic wooden tables or in booths. The restaurant also offers private cabinets for groups. You can experience themes like Granny's room featuring a baking oven, Tankavaara showcasing Lappish gold panning, or Metsäpirtti, inspired by skiing, the favorite hobby of many Finns.

"We also have a disco on weekends, open until 04.30," Kati points out.

Restaurant Zetor is open every day. Mannerheimintie 3–5, Helsinki.
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