Puijonsarvi proudly presents the Sauna from Finland certificate

Created above the roof tops of Kuopio, the Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi sauna world has been awarded the Sauna from Finland certificate. The certificate guarantees an authentic and high quality Finnish sauna experience for the hotel guests. In the Puijonsarvi sauna guests get to experience a sensual strong Finnish sauna experience in a stunning environment with surrounding sounds from a paradise forest. The hotel's Ilo, Onni and Rauha saunas offer purification, relaxation and wellbeing for both body and mind. The fascinating paradise like sauna world in Puijonsarvi has been created by Jaana Ekman from Visionary Design Partners Helsinki. Jaana's beautiful imprint can also be seen in the hotel's renewed reception, Lobby and in the Puikkari Conference event facilities.


The biggest decisions have always been made on the sauna benches. In the Sokos Hotels' Original chain meeting guests are offered 95 public saunas and 239 hotel rooms with a sauna.

Through development work Original by Sokos Hotels wants to be the pioneer of the Finnish sauna culture by offering a high quality sauna as a part of every hotel and meeting guest's customer experience.

The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience sign received after the certification means that our customers get one of the best Finnish sauna experiences in the world. Every sauna that has received the sign has been audited from the perspectives of cleanliness, multisensory, authenticity, safety and relaxation.

If anything, the sauna is a very Finnish experience, and for foreign guests often the most memorable Finland memory. The hotel sauna also brings together locals and hotel guests since the sauna is a very sociable experience. Throughout Finnish history the biggest decisions in politics as well as in economic life have been made in the sauna.  

The goal of Sauna from Finland is to create the best Finnish sauna experience in the world.