Chef Magnus Lindroos

Presenting our key persons – Gunnar's Chef Magnus Lindroos

Who am I?

Magnus Lindroos, 40-year-old married father of three boys. I cook for a living.

What is my passion at work and/or during my leisure time?

My passion is skiing and being involved in my boys' hobbies. Two of my boys play football. During my leisure time, I coach a football team and act as a team manager of another team.

My motto is... 

What you start, do it well. 

Where would I travel, if I went on a journey one week from now?

I recently booked a trip to Croatia, but if I were free to choose anywhere, I'd go to the Maldives.

I will never forget this one customer experience in a hotel or a restaurant...
A few years ago, we went on a holiday to Thailand as a family. Our hotel was at the beach and it was so warm outside that the hotel's breakfast hall had no walls. The restaurant was on the second floor and had an amazing view of the ocean. It was really nice to start your day with a tasty and fresh breakfast in warm, wonderful surroundings, where the service was fantastic, too. A perfect start to a day!

Gunnar Eatery & Bar
Humalistonkatu 2, Turku

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