Pets in the hotel: seven important tips

Pets in the hotel: seven important tips

Did you know that it's possible to take your beloved pet with you when you stay at the Viru and Estoria hotels of Sokos Hotels Tallinn? More and more people are travelling with their pets. In addition to numerous dogs and many cats, a parrot, a tortoise and small rodents have stayed in our hotels.

It pays to follow some important tips and advice in order to make staying in a hotel a pleasant experience for the pet, its family and other hotel guests.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of time to get to the hotel, so that your pet can have a walk outside. When it's wet outside, a pet owner should bring a cloth or towel for wiping the mud off the pet's paws. If you don't have one, ask for help at the hotel reception.
  2. Bring your pet's own bed, drinking bowl and food bowl when you come to the hotel. Having its own bed makes the pet feel more at home and safer. If you forgot to bring these items, you can once again ask for help at the hotel reception. If your pet is in the habit of climbing into bed and on sofas, bring a blanket and put it on the hotel bed to prevent hair spreading on the sheets.
  3. It's easier for a pet to be in an unfamiliar environment if they have one of their own toys to play with. Chews also help them feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar room.
  4. Get to know the surroundings of the hotel with your pet. This allows your pet to satisfy their curiosity about the new place as well.
  5. Don't leave your four-legged friend alone in the hotel room for a long time. If you have to leave your pet alone in the room, make sure that it cannot get out of the room. If leaving an anxious dog in the room cannot be avoided, then leave your phone number at the hotel's reception. This allows the hotel to contact the owner quickly if the animal won't stop howling or scratching the door.
  6. Hang the "Pet in room" sign on the outside of the door. This lets room service know that there is an animal in the room and people walking down the hall will not be startled when their hear barking. A dog who usually behaves well at home may start barking or howling in an unfamiliar environment. Especially when left alone in a room. We advise leaving the TV on in the hotel room to drown out any noise coming from the hall, to which the dog may react by barking.
  7. Getting a dog used to being in a cage is, above all, good for the dog itself. The cage acts as a shelter when a dog has to be alone in an unfamiliar room – it feels safe and familiar, it's the dog's personal space. The cage gives the dog and its family members some peace of mind, as the dog can easily be left alone in the room for a short time whilst the owners go out in the evening.