Partnership between HelsinkiMissio and Sokotel Oy

Partnership between HelsinkiMissio and Sokotel Oy

Sokotel Oy's* hotels in the Greater Helsinki region, Tampere, Turku and Oulu carry out actions promoting responsibility they feel important in cooperation with local organisations. Sokotel Oy supports the operation of HelsinkiMissio financially and functionally, and by acting as the corporate sponsor of the Kotivuori children's home, maintained by HelsinkiMissio. HelsinkiMissio is a social sector organisation which works with the elderly, offers crisis services for the young and carries out voluntary work among families with children and special groups.

*Sokotel Oy is SOK's subsidiary in the travel and hospitality business.

"Sokotel is our long-time main partner in our fight against loneliness. With Sokotel's support, we can offer recreation and joint events to our volunteers working with children, the young and the elderly, among others things."
- Kristiina Backberg, HelsinkiMissio's information officer


Solo Sokos Hotel Aleksanteri and Original Sokos Hotel Albert participate in preventing the marginalisation of young people. In February 2014, the hotels arranged hotel room auctions, with the proceeds going in full to HelsinkiMissio's Save the Generation project. More auctions will be organized.

Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti has selected Resonaari from HelsinkiMissio's projects as its target. Resonaari is a special music service centre for persons with difficulties in normal learning.

"Resonaari features a band called Riskiryhmä, in which a group of wonderful women over 70 years of age play. We provide them with performance facilities. The hotel's regular customers are taken to the Resonaari music school, thereby promoting the activities of HelsinkiMissio."
- Juha Sundqvist, hotel manager of Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti


Original hotels Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden and Sokos Hotel Vantaa engage in cooperation with the youth, and Original Sokos Hotel Helsinki offers chances for recreation to support persons working with young people.

"Young people feel close to us as a target group; after all, many of our staff are rather young themselves."
- Hannele Laurila, hotel manager of Original Sokos Hotel Helsinki.


Original Sokos Hotels Vantaa, Pasila and Helsingin Vaakuna cater to senior citizens. Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna has been arranging an afternoon bingo session for the elderly and their support persons in cooperation with HelsinkiMissio. Senior citizens and their support persons met in Original Sokos Hotel Pasila in the spring 2014 for lunch and a quiz. The employees in the Original Sokos Hotel Pasila also invited kindergarten children to bake Christmas cookies and for a lunch just before Christmas 2014. 

"Many lonely elderly persons visit us, clearly looking for someone to talk to. We wanted to arrange a social lunch event to cheer up the elderly."
- Kati Jousimies, hotel manager of Original Sokos Hotel Pasila