Original Sokos Hotel Wiklundille on myönnetty kestävän matkailun STF-merkki

Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund received the STF label for sustainable travel

Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund is committed to promoting sustainable tourism and has adopted Visit Finland's national principles for sustainable tourism. All the S Group hotels in Turku have now received the label.

"Sustainable tourism is an important part of our business. Responsibility is integral to how we work. It is visible in the promotion of recycling, for example. We have a dedicated recycling station for customers. We make our own doughnuts, seasonal jam and mustard for the breakfast. We also collaborate with local operators. For example, we use the Joy4Food handmade chocolate for our VIP products, and the Löyly beer from the Naantalin Mallassepät brewery has received a new Wihta label, named after our Wihta sauna. We also arrange a Christmas party for Sydänlapset (children with a heart condition), who are our hotel's chosen charity", says Tarja Toivonen, hotel manager.

The competence of personnel is key to the development of sustainable tourism. Responsibility is a way of working that starts with small tangible everyday actions and choices, and leads to more comprehensive policies and decisions.

"STF is a natural continuation to our operations, as we have also been participating in Green Key activities since the opening of the hotel. The electricity of our hotel is generated 100% from renewable energy sources, and we are committed to reducing food waste through the Resq service, for example", Toivonen continues.

At Sokos Hotels, it is now possible to offset the carbon footprint of your overnight stay and breakfast. The hotel chain is the first in Finland to offer private customers the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint.

Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund has earlier been granted the sustainable travel Green Key label.


Read more about Visit Finland's STF programme here.