Original Sokos Hotel Kuusamo: Asiakaskokemukset

Participated in a seminary during a weekend. I this place in the very relaxing and nice Kuusamo was a perfect choice. The hotel is easy to find, close to the main street to central city. It is big so space for even bigger events possible to arrange. The rooms are extremely clean and well equipped, still in the room I did stay in unfortunately had not a very nice view outside. Seemed to be in a direction more to the backyard. Because the building itself is only few floors high, there is quite long corridors to walk, of course depending how close to the reception desk it is located.

The breakfast is a normal Finnish hotel breakfast, which is good and full of choices for everyone. We had lunch also during the two days stay and could say it tasted as good homemade food with a large salad buffet. I liked the hotel so can warmly recommend it for you as well.