Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra in co-operation with Jyväskylä Hope ry.

Together towards the well-being of families


We are happy to inform that we have found new partner in responsibility of the society and we are in co-operation with Jyväskylä Hope ry. Our way helping the families are gift cards, that for example provide a nice starting for day in Alexandra´s breakfast room having family breakfast together or one relaxing night in the hotel to celebrate the starting of summer vacation. We all know how much it means to have a possibility to spend the common time of the family together or to have some new experiences.

Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra gives these gift cards to Hope ry and they deliver them forwards. All happens anonymously.


Alexandra´s hotel manager Leena Lehosmaa is very happy for this co-operation. " We are proud to be part of this important work that Hope ry does. At the same time we get the opportunity to introcuce our hotel and services in the spirit of local tourism, which is very popular at the moment", she says.


Hope ry is organization that works on a voluntary basis. It wants to increase the caring culture in concrete level. By them you can give clothes and other necessary supplies to poorer families and provide hobby opportunities to children and young people. Hope ry operates in 20 area of Finland.


Also we in Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra want to increase caring culture in our society. This is the reason, why we have started this co-operation.