Original offer from the restaurant

Preserving a variety of colors, textures and tastes, the new menu has become more useful and concise. For Denis Klimontov, it was important that the food was understandable, so the chef decided to trust on the natural taste of products and ingredients, emphasizing various shades with precisely selected spices. For example, a salad with shrimps and baked pineapple is supplemented with Asian dressing, which includes ten ingredients. Another author's idea is baked paprika with mozzarella, arugula, anchovies, almonds and pesto sauce.

To make food useful and easy, preference is given to those cooking technologies that allow you to save the maximum of useful substances. The duck is prepared by firstly stewing it for 24 hours, and only then served with a scoop of red cabbage and pumpkin. The same amount of time is used to other meats like pork, to guarantee that fact that the meat will remain juicy, tender and tasty. Pork is served with celery, rhubarb mustard and demi-glace sauce. Our menu also has soups and casseroles (including vegetarian!), a variety of fish, ribeye with red sauce, lamb kebab with eggplant, onion jam and demi-glace sauce, beef liver with mashed potatoes, cranberries and roasted onion...There are so much delicious dishes to choose from.

To please the sweet tooth, Denis Klimontov presents also two new desserts: a chocolate cake with a raspberry and chili gel and a cheesecake with a twist.

Discover the new facets of taste in our restaurant!