New Theme rooms

Theme Room Luoto

Luonto is a story of life on the islands, the scent of the sea and wind, the strength of the ground. The energy of eternal nature is present in this room's atmosphere and materials. Feel the northern wood under your feet, the weight of stone at the tips of your fingers and the softness of wool under your cheeks.

Give time to your loved one, treat yourself, let a hot bath relax you, and enjoy. After a relaxing bath, it is a wonderful feeling to wrap yourself in soft blankets in the wide double bed (200 cm wide), and let the story continue.

Theme Room Routa

Routa is a story of playing, success, courage and the strength of the northern character.
Play games, have a party or host some guests! Show your best tricks, see who wins the PlayStation championships and see how you rank in your family.

Change your jacket to a jersey, host the night's games and lead your team to glory. The sauna is the best place to be after your games. In the weekend, there may be sounds from the Amarillo nightclub but, don't worry, there are earplugs in the room. The room is suitable for four people. In addition to separate beds, there is a sofa bed (200 cm wide) in the room.