'New horizons' in Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky

Enjoy the breathtaking trip around the world. For the start you will need the house on wheels ("Yellow bus", M.Baranova), and let the route show up itself. You can go far to the West and meet the hot midday sun in Lisbon ("Noon at Lisbon", A.Davydova), or even cross the ocean and open up a thousand new places in Americas (Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, California, A. Stepanov).

Get the aesthetic pleasure with each minor detail. All our life consists of trifles and it is a delight to notice all the difference in details around ("White city of Andy Warhol", I. Bast). You can make every day enjoyable by trying to find the beauty in simple and familiar things ("Golden bouquet", N. Sagirov).

Fall in love with St. Petersburg! It is a beautiful city from each side and for every season. It is also a favorite destination for all the romantic travelers, where every time we can open the new places and undiscovered alleys ("Night street", E. Mustafina).

Be inspired with us!