National parks and recreational areas around us

Nature is close to Break Sokos Hotel Bomba. The closest campfire place is located on the hotel yard and the real wilderness is not far either! Bomba is surrounded by four national parks and multiple recreational areas and marked paths. Go on a trip and enjoy the treats of our restaurants and the comfy beds when you arrive back to the hotel. Our spa welcomes you to relax after a day out.

Small day trips

The closest campfire place is located on the shore of the hotel. You can easily get into the camping spirit close to the hotel whilst overlooking lake Pielinen. Firewood and snacks can be bought from the hotel's cafe.  

Hiking trails and paths start righ next to the hotel. You can easily walk to Ellunkallio which is 8 km away. Ellunkallio has beautiful views on lake Pielinen as well as a campfire place so remember to pack snacks with you! And don't worry if you don't have snacks with you when you arrive to the hotel - you can purchase them from our hotel's cafe. If you're not keen on walking you can also drive to Ellunkallio. During winter the skiing routes go right to the same place and even your car can be parked close to it even during winter season. 

Toivontorni - a scenic tower is located just a few kilometers away if you wish to look at the views from above. It has even been referred to as "small Koli" which overlooks lake Pielinen. 

For families we recommend visiting Ellunkallio and Toivontorni. Remember to also check out Jurttivaara, Pyssyvaara and Jouko trails.

Nurmes has a lot of geocaching places. The closest ones are close to the hotel and other can be seeked by foot or by bike. It is a fun hobby the entire family!


Koli National Park, Hiidenportti National Park, Tiilikkajärvi National Park and Patvinsuo National Park 

No matter which direction you go from Bomba, you will find a national park. Just an hours drive and you can find four gorgeous national parks. Tiilikkajärvi and Hiidenportti National Parks are the closest to Bomba. 

Raesärkkä Conservation Area and Mujejärvi Conservation Area 

Raesärkkä and Mujejärvi are easy destinations to visit which are just a short drive away from Bomba and suit the entire family. 

Peurajärvi Recreational Area and Änäkäinen Recreational Forest 

Peurajärvi and Änäkäinen are suited for day visitors or fishers.

Ruunaa Hiking Area

Ruunaa Hiking Area has versatile paths, campfire places and many things to see and experience. The wild white waters will charm you away!  


Ask more from our reception. You won't get bored at Bomba!