Many reasons for coming to Tallinn Viru vacation celebrate

Many reasons for coming to Tallinn

Make a journey to the Viking Age in the Maritime Museum!

One of the most important Viking trade routes ran through North Estonia; for this reason, Estonia was a valuable trading partner for both Europe and the Arab countries during the Viking era. Silver was traded for the iron sold to the Vikings. Estonia is today only second to Sweden in its abundance of the Viking era silver treasures. To date, only museum staff and researchers have seen the silver and ironwork treasures, but now the precious silver treasures, weapons, jewellery, swords, tools, etc., found in the Estonian ground are for the first time on show to all those interested. The exhibition of Viking treasures is in the Fat Margaret building of the Maritime Museum (Pikk 70) and is open to visitors until 24 September.

A challenge for sports lovers - the Tallinn TV tower stairs run

On 2 April, the Tallinn TV Tower will be conquered by sports lovers. The starting shot shall take place for the sixth stair race in Tallinn TV tower. Normally, it is only possible to access the TV towers 21st-floor viewing platform and 22nd floor restaurant by elevator. But on this day, you now have the opportunity to test your athletic form and cover the 170 metres and 870 stairs by a light jogging. The stair run can be undertaken by all those who are at least 15 years of age, healthy and trained joggers. The Tallinn TV Tower run as a competition belongs to the series of runs of the WFGT (World Federation of Great Towers) Towerrunning Challenge 2017, and it allows you to test your abilities against those of stair runners from all over the world! Come running!

Craftsmen have a party - Tallinn Crafts Fair 14-16 April

Tallinn Crafts Fair is a large craft festival, which displays all of Estonia's abundant selection of crafts - gifts, clothing, jewellery and home furnishings, plus farm shops and small manufacturers offering food and drinks. In addition to shopping, you will have the opportunity to learn new things in the workshops and memorise a nice trick or two. The fair will take place at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and is open to visitors on 14-16 April from 10:00-18:00. Free admission! From Viru Hotel, the following bus lines will take you to the Song Festival Grounds: 1A, 5, 8, 34A and 38. In the Crafts Fair, you will hear wonderful stories of the world of design, art, and flavours, come to participate and to shop!

The colorful cultural life of Tallinn always gives a reason to visit - after all, there is also the usual opera life, concerts, museums, and exhibitions ...there are plenty of events for every day of the week!