Viru hotellin KGB museo

KGB Museum celebrates its birthday

13 January marked seven years to the day since visitors were first allowed onto the 23rd floor of the legendary Viru Hotel, which to that point had been shrouded in secrecy.

What made this birthday special was the whiff of history about the presents the museum received: thanks to a complete coincidence, two original leather ottomans from the hotel foyer and a late-'80s television from one of its guest rooms have now found their way to the museum. The ottomans were a gift from long-standing hotel employee Katrin Kalde and can be seen by everyone who visits the KGB Museum. Come along with your family and friends and buy a ticket for an excursion from (excursions last 60 mins). 

More than 230,000 visitors have already explored the history of the Viru Hotel and the absurdities of the KGB and day-to-day life in the Soviet Union, while the museum itself has been reported on by over 300 foreign media channels. It has won a Tallinn Tourism Award and is ranked the 6th best museum in Estonia on TripAdvisor.