Karhunkierros Trail in Kuusamo

Karhunkierros Trail (The Bear's Trail) is the most famous hiking route in Finland. It is located in a beautiful and unique national park Oulanka, in Northern Kuusamo. Annually over thousands of visitors are amazed by its magnificent nature scenery.

Karhunkierros The Bear's Trail or Pieni Karhunkierros The Small Bear's Trail
Feel the rugged Finnish wilderness by hiking on 80 km long Karhunkierros Trail or it's little sister 12 km long Pieni Karhunkierros The Small Bear's Trail. Both routes are marked clearly in the terrain with colors and signs. Karhunkierros Trail is about 3-7 days' hike and Pieni Karhunkierros Trail about 2-5 hours'. Pieni Karhunkierros Trail offers the best parts of Karhunkierros Trail in a smaller package. Good physical condition is important for a hiker on both routes.

On Karhunkierros Trail there are several places to stay the night in nice wilderness huts or lean-tos. During high season it is recommended to bring your own tent with you since the huts and lean-tos can be crowded. Camp fire places are clearly marked.

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