Karelian Pie Workshop at Bomba

The traditional Karelian Pie is a well-known Karelian delicacy which has a rye crust filled with rice porridge, pearl barley porridge or smashed potatotes. This treat comes from Northern and Border Karelia and after the war it spreaded to other parts of Finland. In 2003 Karelian Pie was registered as an authentic traditional product by the European Union. 
At Bomba you have a chance to learn how to make these traditional Karelian Pies with the help of our experienced staff. Try making your own, learn the tactic and taste the freshly baked pies!
Book the Karelian Pie Workshop to your group from our Sales Service or 020 1234 660 and ask more!
Groups (min. 11 persons/group) 28€/person
inc. "blank" Karelian pies (8 pcs), recipe and introduction.