Just 24 days until the opening of Fafa's Viru!

Just 24 days until the opening of Fafa's Viru!

Have you heard that Fafa's, which started out in Helsinki before exploding to become the most popular street food chain in the Finnish capital, has now brought its trendy, health-aware cuisine to Tallinn?

Vegans and vegetarians, and anyone who likes vegan and vegetarian food, will have good reason to give Fafa's a go, although their modern Middle Eastern flavours also have something for meat-lovers as well. The undisputed favourite among Fafa's clients over the years – their pitas with falafel and hummus – will soon be available in Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, too.

Incidentally, the points you earn with your S-Card can also be used at Fafa's Viru – the only Fafa's in Tallinn where this special offer applies! So start counting: there's just 24 days left till the grand opening, the restaurant will open on 27 April! See you there. 

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