Journeyman Corner

Bistro Manu's Journeyman Corner is a learning place where masters guide their journeymen.


Invite your blog followers, your readers, politician colleagues, or anyone with a thirst for your knowledge. We will reserve for you a suitable corner and servings for relaxing learning moments.


The Journeyman Corner can be situated in either of our cabinets:


Kuru seats up to ten people and Kivi comfortably seats 18 persons. Both rooms have meeting equipment, if needed.


Depending on your theme, the Journeyman Corner can also be arranged in a semi-private area on the restaurant floor. You decide what you want – we will make it happen!


Journeyman Corner servings can be ordered in advance or à la Carte at the restaurant. Drinks are also served with ease; either from shared bottles of wine or in a less formal way, with each participant fetching their own drinks from the bar. We provide the setting – you decide how the evening goes!


We never charge a fee for the Journeyman Corner.


For Journeyman Corner reservations, please contact Manu's Sales Team, tel. +358 20 1234 800 (weekdays 8 a.m.–6 p.m.).