Jorma Uotinen's Junior Suite

The unique junior suite in the Jugend building has been designed by Jorma Uotinen, the charismatic artistic director of the Kuopio Dance Festival.

For almost 20 years, Jorma has during his visits in Kuopio been our guest in room 357. This corner suite is like a home to Jorma because you can find all his favourite elements in there: wide windowsills, rooms with high ceilings and a view over the Snellman Park.

In the last room renewal in 2017 we had Jorma design his "Kuopio's homes" interior design to look like his own. Jorma has designed a classy suite in his favourite colours pure white, red and black. To quote the artist himself: "Not bad! Streamlined gliding and unexaggerated elegance!"

According to Jorma the best things in Puikkari are the staff and the well braised morning porridge. You can hear Jorma's greetings on our Poikki Puikkarin video here.

This year the Kuopio Dance Festival celebrates its 50 year old story 12.-18.6.2019. Jorma Uotinen's 17 years as the artistic director will culminate in the Au Revoir gala where it's time to say goodbye to a fantastic period of time with Jorma Uotinen and at the same time welcome the new artistic director Riku Lehtopolku.