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In Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria you can find Estonia's best-known design objects

In addition to its trendy restaurants, good shopping opportunities, and high-quality pampering services, Estonia attracts tourists also with beautiful design. Estonian design combines Nordic functionalism and simplicity with the western playfulness and daring combinations of shapes. Did you know that Estonia's seven best-known and most popular design objects live under the roof of the Estoria Hotel? Through its design jewels, the hotel assures its guests that Estonia is not just made up of threshing cabins and a roasted grain drink called "kama", but also modern, inventive and trendy design. Presentation of the stories and design objects has been a successful solution for the hotel. Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria rose in 2016 to be fifth on the list of best hotels in Estonia in TripAdvisor and was nominated as the best tourist destination in Estonia in 2015.
Estoria's design from the Reclining Chair to the designer watches The CUSTO chair designed by Kärt Kukkur for public spaces is a silent place created for reading where a cup of coffee can be easily placed on a small table designed for exactly that purpose. In the lounge of Estoria, next to the chair has been set a bookshelf full of books by the best Estonian writers, as well as books presenting Estonia and Tallinn, so it is almost impossible to resist enjoying a reading experience is this chair.
The HAUS chair designed by Martin Saar is an even more pronounced indication of the desire of Estonians for privacy than the CUSTO chair; HAUS, equipped with excellent acoustic properties, is literally a houseshaped seat with windows, ideal for withdrawing from the surrounding hassle. The HAUS chair has been nominated for the Young Estonia design of the year award.
The ideas of the artist and former bass player Jüri Roosa received inspiration from old objects and materials. In most cases, even a small change reveals the secrets and possibilities hidden in the object. Roosa has rescued old pieces of metal from the melting pot and turned them into unique and functional pieces of art - wall clocks, maps, and trash baskets. The gorgeous resign watches made by Roosa can be found in the reception of hotel Estoria.
COMB-bookcase by Jaanus Orgusaar awarded with the Estonian design award decorates each of the hotel's lounges. Jaanus Orgusaar came to prominence in the early ‘90s as a shoe and fashion designer. Jaanus, who since then has shifted to the design of furniture and lighting, knows exactly how to change an imagination into a piece of furniture. His collection of shelves consists of unusual forms, detailed professional skills, and trendsetting design. The futuristic and three-dimensional shelf is an incredible work of art in itself, but the inventiveness of the structure also makes it possible that on the only 6 mm thick shelves can be placed as many books as one can cram together.
Experiments of the designer Johanna Tammsalu with form and material resulted in the SOLID SPIN LAMP lamp collection, full of new shapes, fragile and almost eerie, showing multiple layering. These lamps illuminate the reception facilities of Estoria.
PIRN, the Estonian word for "pear" is the handwriting of Tiina Mang, Estonia's longline designer, and has acquired its shape thanks to the customers' desire to have armrests on a round chair. This is how the pear shape was born. This chair has definitely earned its place among the Estonian design classics.
Tiina Mang also designed the SNOOB, a big and very comfortable armchair, shaped like a real bird's nest, which welcomes not only snobs but also children to have a rest in it. The leg of the chair is made of polished stainless steel, and the seat is cone-shaped. SNOOB represents a minimalist design and neofunctionalist design in the best possible way.
And one world-class innovation Did you know that in addition to design furniture and lighting, the herbs in Solo Estoria lounges grow in the pots innovated by Estonian entrepreneurs? Click & Grow is self-watering green pot, which takes care of the growth and care of the flowers and herbs. The pot is an Estonian invention, which uses NASA technology to help plants grow faster.
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