How about spending the night at a Finnish embassy in Tallinn?

"Is that even possible?" you're probably wondering. Well of course it is! As part of the anniversary year of our northern neighbours, here at the Original Sokos Hotel Viru we've opened 11 Finland-themed rooms with stunning views on the 18th floor, each of which tells a fascinating story about our friends across the gulf: about hockey aces and renowned architects, Finnish design and the country's 10,000 lakes, famous musicians who've come to Estonia and MTV3, the Fingerpori comics and Tom of Finland. Relations between our two countries, which have always been close, are symbolised in the room dedicated to the embassy of the Republic of Finland.

Each story has a heart-warming link to Estonia, for which reason the rooms will remain open to guests throughout Estonia's 100th anniversary year as well – all the way through to the end of 2018. Welcome to our hotel, where both Finland and Estonia are celebrating their centenaries!

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