Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn, KGB museum

Hotel Viru & KGB museum

Museum Hotel Viru and the KGB
Once upon a time, there was a hotel called Viru. The year was 1972 and a little less than 20 years remained until the end of the Soviet era. The hotel for foreigners also had to suit the national security body – KGB …

Welcome to the world where an hour spent will make the two parallel worlds of the Soviet time understood and tangible!

In one, which mainly existed on paper, happy Soviet people lived in abundance and friendship under the wise leadership of the single party with no accidents or catastrophes in it, let alone sex.

The other, the real world, was considerably more versatile and complicated in nature. 

2022 open Wed-Sun, from June daily. Entrance with our tour guide only. 

TICKETS (must be booked or bought in advance) on sale in ENG, FIN, RUS & EST at: or book , ph. +372 680 9300.

Group orders also available at other times.

Ticket 11 € (from June 12 €)
Children until 9 years FREE
Children 10-15 years 5.50 € (from June 6 €)


When the hotel was opened in 1972, Estonia's calendar of public holidays events was a little different. Some of those days are gone and forgotten, while others live on. Some of them might even raise eyebrows. What are the stories and traditions behind these celebrations? Our museum guides introduce pop-up exhibitions devoted to holidays in different eras. There's plenty of lore. We're also glad to listen to visitors reminisce on these topics.